On Warlocks

And their Archetypes


  As the world comes to a seeming conclusion, desperate cries are sent to the nine hells or to the furthest stars. For the unlucky, these cries are answered. To the Warlocks of Haven, Sanity is just another obstacle in their search for power.

GOO = Gods of Madness Fiend = Slaughter Pantheon Fey = Wyld/Narti

Eldritch blast remake all patrons.

Archetype Notes

Archfey Pact

There are Archfey spoken of by the Eld. Also, Narti will become your patron. Their Eldritch Blast does Nature damage.

Celestial Pact

Who would even offer this in Haven? Skip.

Fiend Pact

Probably have demons somewhere being that they are so prominent in D&D. Slaughter also would count. Their Eldritch Blast does Fire damage.

Great Old One Pact

From the Madness or Quatzicalix. I don't need Cthulu monsters. Their Eldritch Blast does Psychic damage.

Hexblade Pact

Needs to be flavored completely. Wound likely would offer this kind of pact, supplying a horrific weapon meant for mangling and mauling. Their Eldritch Blast does Force damage.

Undying Pact

MAAAAYBE Elias, but the player would need to argue pretty hard. Their Eldritch Blast does Necrotic damage.


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