On Rangers

And their Archetypes


The man was well-hidden amongst the underbrush, his tightly fitting leather armor was covered in various moss and twigs to aid in his disguise. First, the minutes passed, then the hours. He watched with great vigilance for any movement stirring within the forest. With the discipline earned through a lifetime of training, he remains as still as the stones below him as an elk weaves itself carefully through the trees.

In a blur of limbs and blood, the elk he had carefully hunted for the past hours was struck dead by a group of three Elven Unfallen. In a quiet rage, he quickly decided that enough was enough as he stalked out of his hidden place. The half-starved, rotting creatures had little time to react as he fired an arrow through the skull of the tallest of their number. Even less as he drew his twin blades and slaughtered the rest of the group. The only sound that could be heard from the scene was the bodies fallen into the dead leaves and moss. With satisfaction, the Ranger cleaned his blades and dragged the mauled corpse of the elk further into the forest. His forest.

Apex Predators

Haven was once a land of great game and even greater hunters. But as the dead turned against the living the Rangers of Haven found their skills to be of more use in hunting the Unfallen that dared wander into their wilderness homes. Though some still seek out the great beasts and monstrosities of the world to test their skills, most have turned their eyes on the dead that dare defy the circle of life and death with such impunity.    


      Messengers, scouts, and pathfinder the Rangers of Haven are likely the only reason the roads of civilization are still used by the common folk. Paid graciously by larger cities to protect their trade routes, Rangers often are the richest among the warrior caste.

Magic = Druid Magic. Give bonus knowledge because Rangers travel a lot. Make travel easy AF with ranger.

Archetype Notes

Revised Ranger < We use this.

Beast Master Conclave

Up the damage on all the beasts a little. Give a choice of some custom options, as well.

Gloom Stalker Conclave

We don't have an underdark, yet, so might reflavor this to be primarily about hunting undead in crypts/masuleums.

Horizon Walker Conclave

I see no reason we would have this.

Hunter Conclave

The generic ranger class and a bunch of fun. Already made an Unfallen focused feat: Feat: Predator of the Dead.

Monster Slayer Conclave

I really like the flavor of this one, however, we don't fight much other than undead. But this doesn't even really matter so much.


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