On Paladins

And their Archetypes


  It is not uncommon for passion to verge on zealotry when times seem so helpless. These elite, religious warriors used to spend their lives guarding relics and artifacts of their faith. Now, they are at the front of the battle against the undead and take great satisfaction in this new task.

Magic derived from the same source that Clerics get theirs, "Domains". On Clerics.

Archetype Notes

Oath of the Ancients

I love this one so much. Will take a little bit of work for Warforged, but absolutely possible.

Oath of Conquest

Almost all of Argous's army is of these guys.

Oath of the Crown

Doesn't really fit as we don't have kings, but a minor reflavor can fix that. Maybe redo the capstone.

Oath of Devotion

Make it have two options: Devoted to Good or Devoted to Bad. Sounds cheesy, but I like it.

Oath of Redemption

Lots of Paladins probably choose this one after losing loved ones to the Unfallen. Not sure how well a pacifist-esque class works in Haven, but we can see.

Oath of Vengence

Hunt all the Unfallen. Every last one. Kill them all.


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