Lord of the Seas

From the depths of his desire was birthed ancient and powerful secrets unknown to earth and the sky, secrets only the deep fathoms of the sea could hide and covet.

Scroll of the Unseen, Part III

When birthed from his mother’s tears Oceanus was filled not with love for his mother but envy for all she had be it the riches hidden within her or the vast expanses she lay claim to. She had given him a form that could only sit within her embrace, his watery body imprisoned within her encircling grasp. He battled and battered at her for all eternity, harboring within his domain great and powerful secrets hidden from the world above and below for if he could not have what was hers he would make what was his great and mighty.

Divine Domains

Bodies of Water, Tides, Lies, Secrets, Hidden Knowledge.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

An intricate shell that holds a glowing eye instead of a pearl.

Divine Classification
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Keeper of Secrets, Lord of the Tides, Skulker of the Depths, Breathe-Taker.

Further Reading

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