New Beginnings

Common Knowledge

New beginnings is a feared Shacklegiver caravan for their harsh training methods. Lead by Viran Li, these 14 monks were cast out from their monastic order and found a new profession in capturing what they considered sinful souls and training them harshly for a life of servitude.

There methods of harvesting slaves seemingly coincides with the activities of the Gravehunter's Guild, often arriving before the Gravehunters can even arrive at the settlement they were sent to protect. They offer their aid in slaying the local horde of Unfallen in exchange for fresh bodies to sell.

Purpose can be Given

Lead by: Viran Li
Members: 14
Caravan Mark: A shackled rose.

Illicit, Other
Parent Organization
Slaver's Guild

Caravan Mark

The shackled rose is a symbol of an artifact kept by the caravan, which supposedly can be used to summon rose thorns from the earth to rend and tear the flesh of the living and Unfallen.


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