Miner's Guild

Common Knowledge

Originating from humble roots as hired labor to work the Graystone Quarry dug into the Gray Mount, the Miner's Guild now is the governing body of Graystone after a violent revolt against the taskmasters that ran the quarry.

History of Violence

Revolting against tyranny, physical or economical, will always have a blood price. As the Guild was founded in 697 BF it was fully prepared to pay this price. Over the next two years both the original owners, known only now as taskmaskers, and the Guild lost many soldiers to the battles deep within the mountain.

Blackstone Monopoly

No speck of Blackstone is sold without the Miner's Guild receiving a cut. This fact has made the Guild both a political and economical powerhouse across all of Haven due to the demand of the resource.

Slave Hypocrisy

Though the Miner's Guild was founded to fight against the slavery of the miners within Gray Mount, the modern Guild is known for buying slaves by the dozens whenever they wish to open a new shaft of their ever-expanding mines into the Twin Peaks.


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The Mount Provides

Guild, Craftsmen
Government System


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