Maat Krigga Fode

Stack Summary by Elias Dods in service to the Seawatch grand library.

During my travels through the Throat of the World I came across many odd but familiar cuisine. The delicious roasted meats of the Goliath tribes will warm your stomach and keep the cold winds at bay. The wonderful bento boxes of the mountaintop monks is a welcome taste of the mountain perfect for traveling. Within this stack summary (be damned the head librarian for forcing me to ride these useless summaries) I have included my favorite selections from my recipe book.


A collection of recipes from the Throat of the World from the monks of The Unseen Temple to the nomadic Goliath tribes.

Document Structure


The series of recipes are divided into three sections: Boreal Cuisine, The Art of Goliath Grub, and Monastic Morsels. Each section contains a handful of recipes collected from various sources in the Throat of the World.

Publication Status

The book was a wide success in Seawatch and found its way into many homes, even spreading to some of the wealthy and affluent in Ravenpeak.

Manual, Culinary
Vellum / Skin
Throat of the World


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