Lives for Sale, a Guide on Slavery

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Slavery, though frowned upon by many, especially the beastfolk who consider it a weakness, is legal and strictly regulated in Haven. Most slaves come from unpaid debts to Ravenpeak, Graystone, or Seawatch. These debts can last several generations and entire families can be taken in payment. But despite the regulation and the severe punishment if the slavers are caught, some slaves are just the product of slavers having more weapons and men than those who are captured into slavery.

Enslaved Races

The most common race to be enslaved is Mankind but nearly all Manfolk are commonly sold. Even Elvenkind has fallen prey to being bartered as goods. The only races that remain free are the Beastfolk. Watched over by their Goddess Oul, a stigma has grown around Beastfolk slaves believing them nearly impossible to contain or tame. Despite this, with enough coin, you can purchase even the largest of them.

The Slaver's Guild

Nearly all, if not all, slaves are sold by the Slaver's Guild. A wealthy organization ran by four families across Haven, the Slaver's Guild is responsible of harvesting all slaves that have skipped on paying their debts. This is mainly accomplished through their Shacklegiver Caravans.

For more information see Slaver's Guild.


A number of enslavement caravans known as Shacklegivers are known to travel around in Haven, doing work for the Slaver's Guild. These caravans are known for either harvesting slaves that have yet to pay off their debts or purchasing any and all prisoners that may be found across Haven. Purchased or harvested, the newly acquired flesh is branded by the caravan and sold to the Slaver's Guild.


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