Jerith Mar

Doctor Jerith Mar

A skilled Arcanists who has devoted his lifes work to finding an end to the disastor that has plagued the world.   He joined the Gravehunters guild in hopes of using their methods to further his study.   While certainly smart, he has been known to have a few ecentricities for example his mask which he wears to "keep an emotional distance to maintain rational decision making".

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

short and thin

Apparel & Accessories

Masked and covered head to toe leaving little exposed skin

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Tortured by his father as a toddler and thrown into the Orphanage at Seawatch he eventually was found by a mentor, a healer whos name has not been found out yet.   On his 16th winter his mentor was slaughtered by an abomination on the streets of Seawatch.   Shortly after his mentor's death he began study at the college of Seawatch he was able to make it in with his mentor's history within the college as well as his brilliant intellect and diligence studying. He has achieved a doctorate under the college's prestige.


Attended formal education in arcane theory

Mental Trauma

Night terrors cause him to miss sleep as well as poor dietery habits

Morality & Philosophy

Highly stoic to maintain focus

Personality Characteristics


To bring a final rest

Virtues & Personality perks

Doesn't lie

Personality Quirks

Eats separate from the pact.   eats the same ration of bland porridge for every meal.   does not like to show his skin.   arranges food by color if its something other then his standard rations.   gets confused by metaphors and vagaries.


Contacts & Relations

A mentor who adopted him at a young age   a female assistant assigned to him by the college of seawatch

Family Ties

He has mentioned that he might have had a family in his early years

Religious Views


Social Aptitude

Socially inept

Honorary & Occupational Titles
Doctor in Arcane Theory
Current Residence
An apartment within Seawatch
Biological Sex
Does not seek reproduction
Pale grey
Inky Black
100 lbs
Quotes & Catchphrases
"I requested an expidition into deaths cradle but they told me it be suicidal"
Aligned Organization
Gravenight Pact


Author's Notes

Character Art:
Phantom by Damien Mammoliti

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