House Darkwing

Common Knowledge

The Darkwing House, or Svartur Vaenghus among the highborn of Ravenpeak, is one of the noble families of Ravenpeak. Once claiming a great deal of political power, recent incedents involving necromancy has lost the House much of its coveted favor of the Inner Court nobility.

Darkwing Estate

The Darkwing Estate is located within the Inner Court of Ravenpeak and is made up of two joined towers combined by two bridges which houses both the Darkwing family and family business. The Darkwing wealth is made from their two cotton mills in Ravenpeak and the numerous silk and their wool and silk tailors working in the Darkwing Estate.

The Darkwings not only sell high quality and expensive goods to the rest of the high society but are also known for mass producing simple but sturdy clothes which are exported to Graystone and sent with traders across the Verdant Expanse.

Hireling Diversity

The Darkwings have been known to hire both Greenfolk and Beastfolk to get their wares to the distant markets. Normally such close contact with the wild races could attract scorn from the rest of high society, but the Darkwings are still respected in Ravenpeak enough that they are able to avoid any sort of punishment the other noble houses may demand as payment for their mingling.  

Members of House Darkwing

Lord Horetius IV of House Darkwing, head of the house
Lady Krestina of House Darkwing, lady of the house and rumored priestess of Ram

Master Horace I of House Darkwing, heir of the house
Master Horace II of House Darkwing, brother of the heir
Mistress Kresa V of House Darkwing, first daughter of the house
Mistress Krisse I of House Darkwing, second daughter of the house
Master Homer I of House Darkwing, brother of the heir (deceased)

When the Darkwings fly, talks are ended

Darkwing Symbol

Founding Date
Around 875 BF.
Geopolitical, Great house
Alternative Names
Family Darkwing
Related Ethnicities


The Vaenghus; Darkwing Estate

The Vaengus is the name of House Darkwings’ estate. The estate consists of two towers stretching 160 feet and 200 feet tall with two 20 feet long bridges between them. The smaller tower is the main hall and building for all Darkwing business operations and houses the large wool and silk production halls where tailors work their craft.

The larger tower is the Darkwing family home, which has numerous bedchambers, libraries, alchemy labs and a rumored shrine to Ram .The larger tower also has a large mausoleum built beneath it, but after the fall of Lady Death, the mausoleum was sealed off with large stones.



No one knows exactly when the Darkwing family was founded, but the Elvish name Svartur Vaenghus was gifted to them when their family gift was made public in 875 BF. History would have it that Krysten Darkwing took the shape of a great raven and flew high above Ravenpeak before landing among the nobles of the Inner Court which made sure to elevate the Darkwings to nobility. The new Lady Darkwing was quick to secure rights to produce, transport and trade clothing both in Ravenpeak and the surrounding lands, thus securing the future of House Darkwing of Ravenpeak.  

Necromantic Controversy

Immediately after the fall of Lady Death, several members of House Darkwing who were trained necromancers were arrested after being found guilty of causing several outbreaks of Unfallen in the Outer Court.

As both a political move and an orchestrated punishment, the members of the Darkwing family were given a unique elixir that forced them into their half-raven forms and their wings were cut off in a display of barbarity often unseen in Ravenpeak.

The whispers of Haven claim that this stunt was just for show, but the wings can still be found at the gateway to The Peak. The House has claimed that they will not reclaim them until the Raven Court blesses them.


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