Hope's Landing

Written by: Elias Dods

Common Knowledge

Hope's Landing is a burgeoning town rising from the ruins of Nolan's Dock. Located in the Solemn Expanse along the coast between The City of Marble and Morthaven and across the scourge lands from Seawatch. Its founder Kelden Ru began the reconstruction of the settlement in the hopes that it would become a safe haven in the north. Its unique potion and access to the water promises for interesting opportunities.  

General Information

The day to day life in Hope's Landing is the bustle of work and progress. Work crews repair and salvage buildings from one side of town to the other, farmers work the garden, vigilant guards watch over the townspeople, and the ring of a blacksmith's hammer give life to the once dead streets. The town's heart, the Bazaar, rings with laughter and conversation from off-duty workers and the merchants peddling their goods. On the other side of town, the beginnings of the town's first complete district begin to take form. A shrine to the town's protective deity Qurilion stands tall and proud bringing the warmth of hope with it. Here is where the Hopeful lie.  

The Bazaar

The Bazaar was once the home of a wealthy merchant but now serves as the heart of the labor in Hope's Landing. The building is home to Hogdon's Tap, Selena's Religious Wonders, and Sigard's Tools making it one of the most frequented thoroughfares. Much of the second floor is dedicated to worker housing and the building is always a bustle of activity. Any rumors or talk around town inevitably ends up within its walls. Its ancient wood creeks and moans with the wind and the weight of its age but holds strong under the watchful gaze of the construction crews.  

Last Hope Guildhall

Once an ancient Gravepost, the old Guildhall was repurposed when the residence of Hope's Landing took root. In the place of a guard and with dreams of becoming peacekeepers, Elder Ru founded the Last Hope Guildhall and christened its member's Bright Blades. The Guildhall features beautifully painted murals of more peaceful times created by Elder Ru and a local painter Etlug Barrelguard. The hall has housing for many new members and has already begun converting some of the surrounding grounds and buildings for training, storage, and more.


A Gift of Goodwill

The towns founder, Elder Kelden Ru funds much of the town out of pocket and travels the land attempting to strengthen its place in the world. Currently, only a handful of traveling merchants have taken root in the burgeoning town and much of the town's supplies come from Marble Bay. Though prospects are rising the town is not what one would consider profitable.


The Storage Docks

The large, greystone warehouse is the largest building in town, easily visible from anywhere as the entire town seems to gravitate towards it. Its walls rise like patchwork stone quilts from the many repairs and the hodgepodge stones used to remake the structure. The interior is filled with pallets and shelves neatly organized and burdened with the town's supplies. Connected to the storage warehouse a twin pair of stone jetties stretch into the dark waters of the Blacksea. Fresh ropes adorn the mooring pylons, awaiting the first ships to dock.  

The Arcanium

At the edge of town, an unassuming squat tower stretches above the neighboring buildings. The stone walls were carved with a feint and long worn network of arcane scribblings. Tall but thin windows dot the side of the tower, sharp eyes can make out the makeshift bars placed on these windows. The solitary door stands adjacent to Meek's Books, the squirrelly owner always watching passerby. Standing nearly 10 feet tall and made of nearly half a tree's worth of wood banded in iron, the door was a monster to open. Comically all of the precautions seem to boil down to a large padlock. Inside the Arcanium Elder Kelden Ru secrets away mystical items and reagents, filling the shelves with books and magical knick-knacks.  

The Watch

The tallest building in town is the towering Watch. From atop this mighty tower of stone and wood, the entire town sits in your view as does much of the surrounding countryside. During the day at least two men sit atop the tower one to watch for threats on the horizon and the second to relay colored flag commands between the various work crews.  

Leaf's Garden

A recent addition to the town is the large pond and blossoming garden of the town's sole druid Leaf. A small patch of exotic saffron and the beginnings of wheat fields stretch from his miniscule abode. The soil is tilled and worked by a crew of diligent farmers who tend to the garden's needs while Leaf is away.


|Author's Note|   The history of Hope's Landing is shrouded by the mystery of the settlement before. Nolan's Dock laid abandoned for decades before it was rebuilt and rechristened, little is known what precisely happened to the town.


Over half the settlement remain cleared out ruins, but small sections of the town have begun to flourish with new life. Reclaimed wood has sealed old cracks and stone foundations have been repaired. Sheets of thin fabric stretch between many of the close buildings and large tents still dot some of the large avenues, shielding the townsfolk from the sun.
Alternative Name(s)
Nolan's Dock
Inhabitant Demonym
The Hopeful
Location under
Solemn Expanse
Kelden Ru

Dedicated to Hope

The town was founded with a solitary purpose: to offer sanctuary and purpose to those who wished to work for a greater good. All in service to the many, a people ruled with by the belief that the collective good should outway the individual.  

Town Merchants

Meek's Books is owned by a thin solmite man as wirey as the spectacles he wears. His store is home to many books and scrolls but his real trade comes in old maps. He frequently spies on those who pass by his shop, little passes his notice.  
Eleanor's Furniture & Decor is owned by a shrewd matron who has been carving furniture for her entire life. Her products are well made and relatively cheap but often hideous or strangely constructed.  
Sigard's Tools is run by a jolly verdite whop always seems to have some lightly used tools around. No one really knows where he seems to get them though.  
The Armory is run by a Blackhill dwarf named Vincent, from his small stall the entire town guard was outfitted. Sadly though Vincent only believes in selling weapons.  
Hogdon's Tap is the frequented ale merchant who moved into the foyer of the Bazaar. Mostly selling cheap ale and the occasional passable wine, his establishment is a popular spot in town.  
Religious Wonders is run by Selena a beautiful shrouded in piety who sells various Idols to the nine and several lesser gods. She offers small blessings to ward off disease to those who can afford it.


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