Heart of Gaul

The Heart of Gaul is as much a mystery as it is a piece of facination. More ancient than even the Uderkith that discovered it, this gargantuan heart was larger than a man and comprised entirely of solid gemstones. Thousands of pounds and dozens of types each ounce of gemstone is perfectly formed into a smooth and anatomically correct heart. A marvel of craftsmanship unrivaled by mortals.   It's true value came from it's unique ability to control the movement of molten rock. An unprecedented control encompassing the entirety of haven, all of the bubbling molten rock flows northward towards the heart. Though historians and fools have put forth this as a residual effect of the hearts destruction, I instead point out the idiocy in such a belief. To think that only the mere remnant of such an item could create such a precise and continuous effect is as ridiculous as believing the sun chases the moon. For further reading please see my essay Kinetics of Molten Rock.   From the early days of the Uderkith invasion this artifact became instrumental in their rapid spread through their mountain region. More importantly is it played a crucial roll in their defence and later on their defeat at the hands of the First Men. Please see my works on the Battle of Lava Falls for further information.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

A deep, archaic power exists deep within the crystalline heart giving it dark and otherworldly control over the ebb and flow of magma and lava. My research has given me little in the way of concrete answers, only that it is beyond the understanding of mortal magicians.


Militarily & Magically

Item type
Unique Artifact
Current Location
Black Roads
24,900 lbs
10 feet x 8 feet x 8 feet
Base Price
Raw materials & Components
The heart appears to be comprised of a blend of giant precious stones fused together into one smooth and u breaking heart.
No tools of mortal man created the Heart of Gaul. The hands of gods went into the construction of such a mighty artifact.


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