General Knowledge

Known primarily as the last remaining refuge for Beastfolk, no matter their race, Hallen is a large farming village deep within the Gorgewood Forest. With the Druidic magic that flows more freely than water across the forest, the village tends to grow more exotic crops rather than grains that are so common across the rest of Haven.

Treetop Village

Most of the village itself is built in the trees of Hallen. The quality of craftsmanship of these treetop homes varies from tree to tree. It is not uncommon for an entire group of homes to come crashing down to the earth just to be repurposed elsewhere.

Uncommon Knowledge

Earned by having a Tabaxi in the party.
The only city that allows Tabaxi is Hallen. Even then most of the local populous, who are primarily Beastfolk themselves, do not enjoy their presence.

Whispers of Haven

Madness and Hunger

Could the local Beastfolk truly be driven so mad that they are feasting on the flesh of their own?


The majority of Hallen's population consists of a variety of beastfolk but several humanfolk families can be found. With so many varied races trying to co-inhabit the same settlement, tension is bound to build up.
  • Map of Hallen


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