Common Knowledge

Originally Graystone was simply a massive quarry carved into the Black Mount of Twin Peaks. Eventually, as the number of slaves and miners began to outnumber their abusive supervisors, a revolt was inevitable.

The cavernous size of Graystone is in thanks to the three large quarries that were created to extract Blackstone from the Twin Peaks.

Slaves & Slavers

The Slavers of Graystone are well known, and feared, by anyone within the Verdant Expanse . It is common practice, especially amongst the Scallon Family, to capture slaves from nearby villages that failed to pay their debt to Ravenpeak.

City of Guilds

Several Guilds call Graystone their capital, from the Gravehunter's Guild to the unfamous Slaver's Guild.

Gravehunter's Guildhall

While originally named the Huntsman Lodge, the Gravehunter's Guildhouse is the largest Guildhall of the Gravehunter's Guild. The Guild is allowed to remain within Graystone without trouble after making an agreement to be the military force that protects Graystone from any outside threats, living or not.

Miner's Guild

The true government body of Graystone, the Miner's Guild is likely the richest orginaztion that exists within Haven. Their complete monopoly on the Blackstone trade has made them a dominating force both politically and economically.

Slaver's Guild

The second richest of the Guilds of Graystone, the Slaver's Guild supplies nearly ninety percent of all labor within the city.

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Primarily Human or Dwarven, but Beastfolk are relatively common.
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Twin Peaks
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Districts of Graystone

Graystone District

Known as the Merchant District to the locals, the Graystone District is the largest and most populated of the three.

Blackstone District

Known as the Guild District to the locals, the Blackstone District is home to the Gravehunter's Guildhall and various other guilds. Including the Slaver's Guild.

Whitestone District

Known as the Noble District to the locals, the Whitestone District is where the governmental power of Graystone lies: the Miner's Guild. The homes of nobility are also becoming more common within the Whitestone District.

Whispers of Haven

Blight Miracle

The famous Wizard Corniles has claimed to have discovered a cure for Blight. But at what cost?

Articles under Graystone

Before Fall


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