Gaze of Giants

As Observed by Elias Dods

Purpose / Function

Originally a work of the ancient Uderkith, it was originally intended to mark their claim on the land. To sign their rite of conquest in blood and the toil of the weak, such was the fate of any land that Gaul fell upon.


Each massive face has been carved into the vast mountainside and even the sheets of snow cannot hide its magnitude. Each cyclopean Uderkith was unique and carved in elegant armor that hinted at a deeper meaning. I have named them thus: Sentinel, Leadership, and Battle; truly fitting names for these titans of war as they gaze over the land.


When the Uderkith of Haven first began conquering the land they seized nearly the entire mountain range at the Throat of the World in merely a fortnight. In the coming years of conflict, the western edge of the mountains would be cleared and with each prisoner taken and people subjugated more workers were sent to build their great monument. As much a declaration of their rule as an act of strength daring any to challenge their might.   Some of the Boreal believe these titans still hold power over the land and will not travel under their gaze. It is common superstition that anyone who travels under their gaze will find their journey blocked by strife and conflict. I myself found their gaze to be an unsettling presence in the very air and quickly found myself taking another path.

Alternative Names
The Dwarven Three
Monument / Statue, Large
Parent Location
Throat of the World


Sentinel is the representation of the Uderkith's indomitable people and under its gaze, no dwarf will find their end.  


Leadership is the representation of the Uderkith's dominion over the land and under its gaze, none but those of dwarf blood will be safe.  


War is the representation of the Uderkith's lust for conquest and under its gaze, conflict and death will come.


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