Gaul's Exalted

Studied by Elias Dods

Gaul's Exalted were a ferocious group of the most elite and experienced soldiers in the armies of Gaul. They were the first sent into any conflict and serves as Gaul's direct arm in the field of battle. None within their ranks were less than the most devote zealots to his faith. Whether they would die or the enemies of Gaul did, these warriors threw themselves into battle with crazed zealotry.


The ancient organization was ruled by Gaul himself and his word became their solemn duty. His Exalted became ravenous and fantastical zealots racing to finish their gods will.

Public Agenda

When the order was still strong it was a source of fear for the people of Haven, where they went death and sorrow was sure to follow they made no secret that they wished only for death or subjugation.


Gaul's Exalted had the backing of the Uderkith empire, their resources were limitless and their resolve absolute.


Vanguard that entered Haven Began a brute Force campaign seized the Throat of the World Began a scorched Earth campaign against the first men Turn on themselves


When Gaul ordered the death of all dwarved, his Exalted took to the task like rabid dogs and though they dealt much death they too died in turn.

Tenets of Faith

War with all that is not Gaul Mercy is not for his chosen only death shall know our blades. The word of Gaul is the will of Gaul, and his will shall be done.


The worship of Gaul is signed in blood and death. He takes no half measures and only the power of death will soothe his firey glory.


The few priests that existed within Gaul's Exalted were dedicated agents of war that led his champions to righteous battle.


All for the will of Gaul.

Religious, Divine Host
Alternative Names
Mad Beserkers
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Black Roads


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