All will fall before the Lord of War...

Researched by Elias Dods
WiredIn currently has a one-shot prepared, featuring one of Gaul's children. It is located anywhere along the base of the Throat of the World.
Gaul was once a name that struck fear in the hearts of the greatest armies and the bravest men. He was the very embodiment of war itself and in his presence, none could stand before his might. The Lord of War could not be slain in battle as every strike, every parried thrust, and every wound only served to make him stronger. Though none knew where he came from, his ascent from the battlefield to the throne of the Uderkith was quick and bloody. He turned the dwarven kingdom into an empire that stretched from horizon to horizon, conquering each new land it came to.   Each new land that Gaul took dominion over, spread his influence further and brought glory to the Uderkith dwarves. In his wake, Gaul sired children for each new land and people he conquered leaving them to rule in his stead and make war in his name. Thus began the scourge of the Uderkith and the devastation of countless cultures for if you were not Uderkith you were fodder for the great engine of their civilization. Gaul's rule became absolute in the Uderkith empire, his voice the voice of God and government. His reign is believed in some circles to have brought the Uderkith to Haven.  
Go forth my children, wreak havoc in my name! Bring war and conquest to all, so they may kneel or die before Gaul!
    Gaul's rule was not destined to last for the Uderkith dwarves were proud and driven by voracious greed. They could not abide by any ruling over the dwarves but themselves and turned against their god-king and his children. They captured or killed as many of Gaul's children as they could, twisting their powers and even their corpses into magical machines to strengthen their empire and bring ruin to their enemies. Gaul in his rage turned against the Uderkith empire and is said to be fighting dwarven legions to this very day.

Whispers of Haven

Ancient Machines

Some mad adventures still claim the magical machines of the Uderkith still run and hidden amongst their stone fortresses and secret roadways lies centuries of forgotten knowledge and powerful artifacts.  

Divine Domains

War, Conflict, Murder, Battle.
Cleric Domains: War

Spirit of War

So long as there is war and conflict in this world Gaul will remain strong, even those who do not fight in his name feed his mighty power.  

Echoes of the Past

Though Gaul has not been seen in Haven for centuries, his children have not been so gracious. Several Gravehunters over the years have reported powerful beings occupying ancient Uderkith ruins beneath the earth and within the Throat of the World.  

Blessings of War

Each of Gaul's children was bestowed a blessing of war, a powerful boon serving as an aspect of war itself. Though not deities themselves, the children of Gaul are formidable enemies wielding the blessings of their father.
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