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A small village mastering its existence hidden away in the cliffs beneath it's great twin waterfalls. Or was at least...what do you call a place when its namesake disappears? Used to fall?

Common Knowledge

Hidden away on a cliff, Everfalls was once known for its twin waterfalls that fed its farmland. However, after a large saltstorm that managed to break through the Shardtooth range range several years back, only one waterfall remains pouring weakly. Rumors of the village believe that the entire Eastern fall could not be dried up after a single storm, but none of them have the skills to investigate further.  

City Layout

Everfalls is divided into two sections agricultural and residential. The agricultural “fields” are comprised of a complex network of wooden irrigation canals, platforms, and hanging gardens. Much of the fields are devoted to the production of alfalfa, used to make feed for the livestock of the rich and powerful in Ravenpeak.

The residential sector is comprised of many tightly packed and tiered homes carved into the cliff face along a large cliff edge halfway down the waterfall. Several wooden fortifications hang over the cliff edge along with the solitary stone building of the town that serves as both meeting hall and emergency shelter.

The only way into town is a tight, winding staircase carved into the cliff face behind the waterfall. It is a treacherous journey and ends in a metal gateway, it serves as their chief line of defense. Movement around the town is dominated by ladders, stairways, and small pulley elevators.

Whispers of Haven

Paying Taxes

With only one waterfall pouring life-giving water, how does Everfalls still maintain paying its steep taxes to Ravenpeak?

Alternative Name(s)
The Falls
Around a hundred.
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