Encounter Report: Blasphemy at Graystone

This report can be found easily within the Gravehunter's Guildhouse library.
  On the 14th of NewRot, 78 After Fall Graystone fell under attack from an unknown source. Within the depths of Graystone foul, necromantic rituals have been performed costing the city over four-thousand lives in a single day. We are still cleaning up the wreckage of the Slave Pens being overrun. Thanks to the quick actions of the Gravehunter's Guild the few hordes of Unfallen that arose were quickly quelled but at a high price.   Lord Ativus Stoneweld, one of the few Captains of the Gravehunter's Guild, was found dead at the center of the ritual. He died fighting, as he would have wanted. But it seems he was unable to halt the entirety of the ritual. It appears that from the depths of gore and depravity, a creature was summoned from an unknown plane.   This creature had the ability to whisper darkly directly into the minds of everyone within Graystone, despite the Runewards in place to stop such magic. This lead to more violence than the Gravehunters could manage and the city of Graystone nearly collapsed.   Writing this report now, I must cut it short and return to the medical ward. The cuts from this creature, claiming itself as "Blasphemy", leave a vile infection I am not sure I will survive. It is a suprise, even to myself.  
Encounter Report: Blasphemy at Graystone, Hidvet Stone, Captain of the Gravehall


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