Empyrean Steel

...And when Gaul commanded it, the world obeyed and a star fell from the heavens to bring glory to his empire...thus was Gaul's will and thus it would be done.
  Empyrean Steel is perhaps the strangest of materials I have discovered amongst the ruins of the Uderkith. The rare blades I have found are subtly different, each one reflecting the position of the stars from the moment it was forged. Each blade was like the night sky wrapped around broad axe heads and stout sword blades.


Physical Characteristics

Empyrean Steel is a deep all consuming black speckled with bright pins of light. Each one with a unique pattern depict the exact position of the stars in the night sky at it's forging.


Empyrean Steel has this far proven beyond my capabilities to not just manipulate but effect it at all. Even placing it beneath the flow of molten rock did nothing to the starry metal. It's unique property makes it an excellent material to make metal works out of if only I could find a way to make it maluble once again.

Geology & Geography

Beneath the tallest mountain at the Throat of the World hidden within ancient stone lies this stellar ore. Even though finding this ore proved surprisingly easy I found no tool at my disposal could cleave the large deposits for processing or a forge hot enough to melt the metal.

Origin & Source

The monks of the region believe the material is actually a piece of their god Ouranos and traded very generously for even small amounts of the material.   The Goliath's of the mountains tell a tale as old their stone carving traditions. Long ago the darkest night of the year was bathed in green light and a star streaked across the heavens and sundered the land.

History & Usage


When the Uderkith discovered Empyrean Steel their dark industrious minds found way to mold it to their whims. Weapons of war made from the very stars.


No one but the Uderkith know how to manipulate Empyrean Steel and the secrets may very well have been lost to time's cruel clutches.

Very Rare


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