Dlaken Plains

Common Knowledge

Though technically still part of the Verdant Expanse, it has the misfortune of being caught between the Parched Expanse to the East and the Blistered Expanse to the West.  

Salt and Ash

Strong winds from the East have brought countless salt storms over the years causing the land to be unfarmable. But worse yet are the great clouds of soot and ash that often cover the plains in dark shadows, starving plants of their much-needed sunlight. This mixture of salt and ash has breed a new wasteland unseen before by the races of Haven.

Alternative Name(s)
Dlaken Wastes
Location under
Verdant Expanse

Dlaken Elementals

The Dlaken Plains have always had a strong, almost physical connection with the earth. Living creatures of stone and air have wandered through it since before even the Centaurs called part of it home. But as the land grew dark from the ash clouds, these Dlaken Elementals have turned to violence in their confusion.


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