Divine Hierarchy

From greatest to least.

This is just the basics, I will likely expand upon it at a later date. I hope this clarifies some questions.


Debated to not even exist, these deities are the unseen force behind creation itself. They are older than time and more powerful than even an Exarch can fathom. Both Mankind and Elvenkind have long turned their back on these beings, preferring to worship those that walk among them but many still hold them close such as the religions of the Unseen Faith and the Primalities.  


Massive elemental beings that hold the power of the divine in their grasp. Named for their titanic size, the motives of the Titans are so alien to the sophontic mind that they are often believed to be less sentient than beasts and more akin to a plant or a rock. No Titans remain on Solith except in tales of times long ago.  


The highest rank any divine has achieved, these beings wield terrifying power and often lay claim to several Domains they have control of. The Nine are the most prominent of these divine within Haven are known as the Nine but it is well-known Exarchs exist in Moorwald and Los'Mozakas, and likely continents across the Blacksea. Unlike a Primordial or a Titan, Exarchs still require worship to maintain their power and as such the Exarchs of Haven have been greatly weakened by the fall of Lady Death and the countless lives lost to the Unfallen.  


Chosen champions of an Exarch, these beings are granted the full power of a single Domain for as long as they work as avatars in the name of their Exarch. Some are so terrifically powerful that they are feared by even Gods.  

Lesser God

Only able to claim the power of one or two Domains, these divine normally exist because of small cults with enough members to ascend a creature to divinity. Many try to remain hidden from the higher divine so they are not stripped of their power and their corpses buried among the rest.  


Similar to Archangels, these beings are granted the power of a single domain by a God. Rarely are these beings much more powerful than a high priest of a religion. Some are not even ageless.  


Similar in power to a Lesser God, these beings are worshiped by both the sophontic and beasts. Little is known on how these creatures come about this power but they are known to be single-minded divine that exist for little more than the assured survival of their chosen beasts.

Quick Notes

  • Most divine power is earned through constant worship, the average Exarch has hundreds of thousands of worshippers while a Lesser God or Godbeasts may have only tens of thousands.
  • Shadiym is approaching a new classification of Divine much like Lady Death was before her fall. This rank would fall somewhere between Exarch and Primordial, but without the primal nature of a Titan.
  • How worship actually powers the divine is unknown, even to the divine themselves, but it is well known that it does grant them their power.
  • If you worship two or more divine, none of them get the power.


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