Cole Winters

Cole Winters (a.k.a. "Kid or Child" by Kelden)

Physical Description

Specialized Equipment

Hearthkeeper's shield, bequeathed to him by the Goddess Rona.

Mental characteristics


  • Experience blacksmithing and cooking. Limited management experience from the family inn.
  • Accomplishments & Achievements

  • Proved pivotal in the defense and evacuation of Verdant Vale during it's Unfallen incursion.
  • Failures & Embarrassments

  • Always mentioning how he'd like to play the lute. Has yet to.
  • Personality Characteristics


    Cole seeks to do as much good for as many people as he can. Though the world is dark, and many people have bleak outlooks he tries to keep an optimistic mindset.

    Likes & Dislikes

    Cole loves good food and good company. He's typically drawn to other optimists or at least people who seek to do good. Though not especially prone to drink, and while he frequently claims to not partake, the young paladin is quite fond of dark beer.


    Contacts & Relations

    Kyra Greenwood - Kyra was the firstborn daughter of the mayor of Verdant Vale. Her family was decimated in the attack that left the town destroyed. During this period of distress, her latent Wild Magic activated, causing her to unleash a barrage of magical projectiles at an oncoming horde in order to escape with her life. She is currently learning to try and control her powers as an apprentice to Ria the Wild, a talented Wyldblood sorceress employed as a gravehunter. Currently a member of the Blightbane Pact.   Samson the Strongarm - Samson was “Adopted” into the Winter’s family after his parents died of disease one winter. Since then, the two young men have become good friends. After the fall of their home village, however, a wedge was driven between the two. Samson became a gravehunter to sustain himself, but ultimately seeks the destruction of Scourge, and to make the land surrounding it liveable again. Part of the Verdantfall Pact.     “Rix and Tan” - Rixian and Tandem Black. Also known as “The twins” even though they were born two years apart, they just maintain an uncanny resemblance. When they were young, the two were always up to trouble, though their pranks were ultimately harmless. They both started pursuing work as gravehunters after the fall of Verdant Vale for riches and glory. Their end goal is to earn enough money to set sail west in search of a land without the Unfallen. Both brothers are part of the Verdantfall Pact.

    Family Ties

    Father - Lorenzo Winters - A retired Solmite caravan guard, Lorenzo Winters met his wife on a job, and eventually went on to retire to a quiet life of being an innkeeper after inheriting the family inn from his grandfather. He's a stern, but fair man, with a hidden soft spot for his children and good food.   Rose Winters - Rose Winters is a force to be reckoned with. In spite of standing at 5'2", the shrewd and boisterous woman is a bold contrast to her more stern and quiet other half. After meeting her husband on a trek through the Solemn Expanse, the two travelled together for a few years before Lorenzo was notified that he had inherited the family inn. Though initially reluctant, Rose pressured him into returning to his home town, sensing a prime business opportunity, as well as a way to retire and settle down someplace permanent. She is fiercely protective of all of her children, and tries to take an active role in their lives to ensure they're all capable of taking care of themselves when she's gone.   Younger Sister - Cloe Winters - Cloe is the youngest (and hopefully the last) of the Winter’s children, Cloe is a very shy and withdrawn girl who spends most of her time reading. Due to her social anxiety, the family decided that it was probably for the best that she not wait tables or serve drinks, instead of allowing her to take up a position next to Rose in the kitchen, a duty she has taken to well. Rose adores stories of all kinds, and takes a keen interest in any adventurers that happen to pass through the Inn. In the past couple of years, she’s taken to baking fresh bread for the inn, as well as a number of confectionary goods when they can afford it.   Younger Sister - Nina Winters - Nina is probably the most cheerful of the Winter’s children, always seeming to have a smile on her face or a song to hum. Bit overly excitable, and a bit of a gossip. Strives to keep her ear to the ground at all times so she can repeat anything interesting that comes through the tavern.   Younger Sister - Molly Winters - Molly is a friendly though slightly melancholic woman, who puts on an air of confidence and cheerfulness while working at the family tavern, but is deeply troubled following the loss of her family home and betrothed during the evacuation of Verdant Vale.   Older Sister - Mira Winters - Ranger - Mira fled in the night at age 24 after Cole made the trade for the treasure map. She left a note saying that she copied down the map, and was in search of the treasure it depicted. Never content with her role as the inheritor of the family business, and having to keep up with her younger siblings, most of the family has determined that she simply wanted to live a life away from the family. Cole still hopes that she’s alive and that one day she’ll find the rest of the family. Last Cole saw of her she was dying her hair black and keeping it short to not draw attention to herself. A letter arrived several years ago, saying that Mira had become a gravehunter of the Oathsworn Pact.   Older Sister - Moira Winters - Moira has leaned into her role as the inheritor of the inn, and secondary mother figure to the youngins. In a sort of “on again, off again” relationship with Samson the Strongarm, who keeps promising to visit. Friendly and amicable, but also professional. She’s definitely taken more after the Verdite side of the family, as she’s quite shrewd and discerning when it comes to finances.   Older Brother - Orson Winters - Orson was always a respectable and kind young man, but he was never content with the family business in Verdant Vale. Hasn’t really been in contact with the family for three years. The last letter the Winters received from Orson hinted that he was moving further up in the hierarchy of Ravenspeak, and garnering a few responsibilities best left unmentioned to his family. Still, a pouch of coin here and there still makes its way to the Winters family from time to time from Ravenspeaks, albeit from an anonymous donor.

    Religious Views

    Cole has little respect for most of the Nine, and a passing knowledge of the Unseen Faith. He is ultimately a devoted follower of Rona and intends to take no gods other than her.

    Year of Birth
    55 (23 years old)
    Biological Sex
    Moppish, he's in dire need of a haircut. Auburn colored.
    Aligned Organization
    Gravenight Pact
    Other Affiliations
    Known Languages
    Dwarven, Common.


    Author's Notes

    Character Art:
    Cole by Olivia Emmett

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