Camp Fleshwatch

Common Knowledge

One of the few "settlements" of the Centaurs, Camp Fleshwatch is strategicaly built within the Red Peaks for the sole purpose of watching the Unfallen that may leave the Blistered Expanse. It is also the meeting place of the Six Clans, despite its small size.

Collapsable Buildings

With Centaurs being nomadic by nature all of the buildings within Camp Fleshwatch can easily be collapsed into organized bundles that can be easily caried. This camp would take only five Centaurs to transport.

Govveneth Stone

Held with great reverence is the Govveneth Stone. Likely the only remaining artifact of the Centaurs, this mythical stone is supposedly able to speak to Ravare itself. The way this is achieved is kept desciptively vague despite how often it is done by the Clan Teith Elder.

Each elder of The Six Clans has a small shard of the Govveneth Stone which allows them to communicate across vast distances. This is a vital tool for a previously nomadic people. Its value has only grown with the rise of hte Unfallen.


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Alternative Name(s)
Military, Camp
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