Black Sentinel Gates

Common Knowledge

The foundations of the Black Sentinel Gates were laid back during the time when Graystone was known as the Graystone Quarry. Over the years the three Gates have been overlayed with several layers of Blackstone that gives them a distinctive, patchwork appearance.

Protection of the Gravehunter's

In exchange for the land to build their massive Guildhouse upon, the Gravehunter's Guild has been tasked with watching over the three Gates. Because of this, the Guild has direct control over who enters or leaves Graystone. Though they are not known for abusing this power, it has caused strife between the Gravehunter's Guild and other Guilds that reside within Graystone.

The Outer Walls

Constructed only a few months before the three Gates, the walls that surround Graystone were built in a similar fashion of layering Blackstone. Though they are thick enough for several people to stand atop of, the walls are not hollow but rather filled with an assortment of spare gravel, soil, and Blackstone. This makes repairing the walls a time-consuming and labour intesive task that requires multiple masons and several labour slaves.


Clever Exchanges

Several mechanical cubbies have been carved tactically within the gates to allow the inserting of small items, most commonly a Guild's sigil, that can be retrieved and reviewev by the guards within.


A large layer of Blackstone has been permanently enchanted with the Light spell. Somehow the casters managed to make the spell only trigger upon sundown.

Alternative Names
Graystone Gates, The Gates (by locals)
Parent Location
Owning Organization
Gravehunter's Guild

Further Reading

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