Black Roads

Researched by Elias Dods

The horrors that went into the creation of the Black Roads would haunt the soul of even the most heartless of creatures. They are not simple roadways to the ancient Uderkith, they were a very creation of their wanton need for destruction and conquest. It is said the Heart of Gaul lies at the center of the veinlike Black Roads and from it the they continue to grow inch by inch towards conquest.  

Unmappable Maze

This maze of tunnels is both designed to confuse and enchanted to do so. No maps can plot a true course through the Black Roads and those who attempt to will find their attempts at cartography looping back around on themselves. Because if this, much of the Black Roads remains unexplored with few people traveling farther than a day or two before turning back.


These perfectly circular tunnels are 60 feet around and carved from ancient lava tubes. The complex system these tunnels creates is as magical as any craft of the Uderkith, the tunnels are impossible to map and often when an unfortunate fool enters, they never find their way out.

Flora & Fauna

The Black Roads are home to a veritable cornucopia of all things that go bump in the night. From the smallest mushroom to the largest predator everything beneath the mountains exists in a deadly ecosystem where only the strong and deadly survive.
Alternative Name(s)
The Underkingdom
Underground / Subterranean
Included Organizations
The Black Roads is not only home to untold treasure but unknowable danger. Before the Uderkith fell dark devices corrupted the hearts of dwarves and brought conquest and slaughter to the people of Haven.


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