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The Tsae

Basic Information


Tsae are bipedal humanoids with ashen skin and dull white hair. Their eyes are a bright purple. Their faces are angular and androgynous. Females have a slightly more feminine shape but overall its not hard to mistake either gender for the other. This is not true for Half-Breeds, they tend to only inherit hair color, eye color, or skin color. There is a greater tendency for children of the same sex as the Tsae parent to inherit more of the physical characteristics of the Tsae race.

Genetics and Reproduction

Tsae can reproduce at a rate equivalent to humans but tend to only procreate as needed within the society. This reproduction is similar to humans but requires more than one introduction of genetic material to create a viable pregnancy.

Growth Rate & Stages

Children grow to adulthood around the 25th year of their life.

Ecology and Habitats

The Tsae live in the Dark Below and have done so for hundreds of thousands of years. Before that they lived aboveground when haven was still in its original system.

Dietary Needs and Habits

The Tsae live on a diet of meat form Dark beasts as well as a type of lichen they cultivate called Bacillan Moss.

Biological Cycle

Tsae can live for up to 1000 years, but impose limits upon their own life depending on the type of function they perform in society. (artisans tend to live for around 200 years, upper stratum live for their biological limit. After the natural death, the necromantic priest caste raises the dead to perform servant tasks or to act as advisors.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Hierarchy of castes in descent of importance, Noble, Priest,Advisor, Artisan, Servant, Half-Breed. With the Advisor caste composing undead of the Noble and Priest classes, and the Servant class composed of Half-Breeds and Artisans.

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Utilization of Tsae blood is a major component in Necromantic rituals.

Facial characteristics

Angular androgynous features. Ears tend to be tapered.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Spread throughout the Dark Below in isolated enclaves.

Average Intelligence

Human baseline, tempered by weight of experience in the cas of the higher castes.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Baseline human perception, they do have a tendency to be more in tune with the dead.

Symbiotic and Parasitic organisms

Utilization of their dead as a servant/advisor caste.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Germanic naming traditions.

Major Organizations

The Necromantic Priests. Old Tsae. New Tsae. The Shadowed Fang.

Average Technological Level

Industrial Level

Major Language Groups and Dialects


Common Taboos

Breaking caste rules, living beyond allotted time, genetic deviancy.


In the ancient past, the Tsae lived aboveground in the old system Haven was a part of. They basked in the warm glow of the old star in a near paradise. Their society existed in tandem with the Old Orcish race and were blessed by the twin gods. The ancient anathema appeared in their skies one day and the twins were in flight. The sun was consumed and the worlds orbiting it scattered into the void. To survive the Tsae retreated into the Dark Below along with the Old Orcs where the goblins dwelled. Over time the good will between the two people died off during the near constant wars for resources and to defend against the marauding goblins who didnt take kindly to intruders into their lands.   A fragment of the Anathema was embedded into the world that would become Haven, becoming intwined with the core. It was known as Shwarzlin. Over time it corrupted the mindset of the Tsae and bestowed upon them the original sigils of Necromancy as well as the component within their blood that causes it to function.   Utilizing the dead the Tsae were able to radically enhance their society and allowed it to thrive even in their diminished state. They remained like this locked in constant struggle with the Orcs and Goblins until the Dwarves made the mistake of digging too deep into the earth in search of minerals.   After they made contact with the Dwarves, the Tsae race splintered into two factions, the Old Tsae and the New Tsae. The Old Tsae sought to preserve their systems as well as the veneration of Shwarzlin and were composed primarily of the Noble and Priest Caste. The New Tsae were composed primarily of the Artisan class who saw their lives as being reduced for no reason anymore as the surface was livable again.   A civil war ensued with around 25% of both factions being killed in the conflict, survivors of the New Tsae retreated to the surface and integrated with the human and elven races creating the Dark Elves and the Greywalkers half-breeds. The Old Tsae became withdrawn and resentful of the New Tsae who abandoned the rest of their people.   The Old Tsae began a massive build up of their undead army, forcing many of the artisan caste to prematurely sacrifice themselves. Within a few years the Great Undead Invasion began.   Shortly after the war a punitive force of the newly created Order was sent below ground to destroy the Old Tsae but none were ever found, only empty arcologies and dusty bones. After several major offenses made by Goblin armies under the control of the Great Goblin Lord Kigaro, the Order was forced to withdraw empty handed. In reality the Old Tsae retreated closer to their god Shwarzlin.   The Old Tsae became twisted even further than they were before and none have been seen beyond a few outliers.

Historical Figures

Ancient Lord Adolfin, the Old Tsae who created the caste system shortly after the descent.

Common Myths and Legends

The Tsae hold that their historical record is fact, rarely admitting that their fact is no better than myth or legend.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Universally bad, occasionally they work with cults by supplying their blood for rituals or even taking control of the cult but it is always because it benefits them personally. New Tsae are mostly integrated into the other cultures besides Dwarves who view the entire Tsae race as abominations of the highest order.

Scientific Name
Tsae reductus
Old Tsae, New Tsae, Half-Breeds
Dictated by class, Biological limit is around one thousand years.
Average Height
2 meters
Average Weight
Average Physique
slight build
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Ashen skin, dull grey hair, and bright purple eyes.

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