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Humans of exceptional faith, proficiencies in Holy Magic.

Career Progression

Paladin-Recruit, Paladin, Knight-Paladin, Paladin-Commander. Outside of this chain of command are the Paladin-Protectors.

Payment & Reimbursement

Paladins are accorded funds by the Order of the Void Flame to prosecute their duties, aside from this most everything is provided by the Order themselves.

Other Benefits

Paladins are widely held to be above the law due to the extreme power the Order has upon all Human societies. the only Human majority location that doesn't have this benefit is Hvaartheim.



The main purpose of the Paladins is to safeguard the world from undead incursions. The Paladin-Protectors are a special designation for the safeguard and or execution of students of the Arcanii. They also perform duties in the frontier of Dunholme and Bredada as missionaries and protectors of villagers.

Social Status

Paladins are seen as above the law even though it technically applies to them. They occupy a position equal to that of knights at even the lowest rank, those of higher rank are seen as closer to nobles in stature.


At any given time there are roughly one thousand Paladins in service to the Order and roughly 90% of them are sequestered in the major cities and towns of the Human nations.


Paladins were created during the dark days of the Great Undead Invasion by King Horstedt, The Eternal King of Man. They successfully drove back the hordes and even ventured below ground into the Dark Below to prosecute their war against the Old Tsae.   Afterwards, the Order was dispersed to defend outlying settlements against undead stragglers and other threats common to the frontier. Over time corruption in the Order caused more and more new Paladins to be committed to the cities where they could in turn be corrupted. By the time of the Second Invasion there were not enough frontier Paladins to defend the settlements and were abandoned by the largely corrupted main force of the Order. Around 50 years prior to the Second Invasion the corrupted sects joined together to oust the traditionalists out of the Order, the Paladin-Commander at the time was forced to run to the frontier with his wife to escape their efforts, a few other Paladins escaped this way. Others managed to slip into the realms controlled by Kinat, specifically Hearth. The rest were captured, tortured and then turned into undead soldiers.



The Pyral Swords, and the Void Plate. In later years blessed steel and blessed plate armor was used in place as more and more Paladins were found to be unworthy.


Paladins utilize many of the same materials that a Knightly Order would along with Holy Water and catalysts for Holy Magic (i.e. symbols of faith, blessed items, holy rations.)


Paladins serve either in the major cities as peacekeepers, as defenders of the people out in the frontier, or as watchdogs for the magic users in the Arcanii.

Provided Services

Purification, Protection, Execution.

Dangers & Hazards

The possibility of becoming corrupted by the more radical members of the Order is a real threat, a portion of Paladins that were not in league with the corrupted majority were turned into undead soldiers by the corrupted elements.

Alternative Names
Paladins are fairly numerous in the major cities but are few and far between along the frontier where they are most needed.
Legal amongst the human nations, the hardline traditionalists are seen as monsters by the Old Tsae.

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