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Practiced for thousands of years in the Dark Below by the Tsae before the three races of the Triumvir were even specks of life on the world.   One of the foremost and well known taboo magics. This art requires no real proficiencies, except for a specific form of blood type only present in the Tsae and half-breeds. Mercifully this blood type is exceedingly rare as the Tsae have been thought exterminated for nearly one thousand years.


Necromancy involves the ritualized resurrection of a dead body using magical energy and a blood sacrament sigilized on the flesh of the body in question. This process requires an amount of time dependent on the length of time the body has been deceased, the type of spirit to be resurrected, and how loyal to the necromancer the undead is supposed to be. Quick resurrections are possible but it requires a higher tier necromancer to pull off effectively.

Components and tools

Many of the complex formulaic sigils are recorded in thick tomes of humanoid skin as to not be lost or forgotten. Aside from this the blood of the necromancer is required to complete the ritual. If this can be acquired from a seperate individual even a non-Tsae bloodline can practice although this is quite rare.


Necromancer and a dead body or bodies.


Outside of the old Tsae culture necromantic rituals are rare, generally practiced by cults embedded within the Order set upon removing all traces of the Void Walker's worship.

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