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Magic on Haven requires a specific visualization, and if your will is weak, a chant and hand movements. Different forms of magic require differnet visualizations that usually depend on what effect you are trying to accomplish. A lot of these visualizations, especially elemental magics, are filtered through a lens of spiritual beings. For instance, to visualize a fire at the tip of your finger a common visualization is that of a Sylph or air spirit coushioning a salamander or fire spirit just above your fingertip. Most living beings also are born with or can obtain through occult means proficiencies with certain kinds of magic. People with proficiencies generally have extra uses of spells in their proficiency per day. One of the rarest of all proficiencies is None, or Null Magic. This kind of magic snuffs out any active magic around them or only specific ones, only around .0000001% of any living creature is born with this proficiency and in recorded history only two sentient beings have ever displayed its use.   There are also specific schools proficiencies tie into such as creation magic, (creating objects of one form or another) elemental magic, (utilization of the elements) holy magic, (prayers mostly) and forbidden or taboo magics. (necromancy, demonic conjuration, control arts)   Forbidden magics are generally inherited traditions and rarely manifest out of certain bloodlines. Whereas the other forms are easily teachable to those with the necessary aptitudes and proficiencies.

Metaphysical, Arcane

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