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Hekalatus the Mad


Before the Northern Continent froze over, an ancient Black Dragon named Hekalatus ruled over a race of humanoids from deep within the ground. Over time Hekalatus grew increasingly paranoid of death as he could sense that time swiftly approaching. The humanoids offered their sacred arts to save the ancient dragon from death using their mastery of Necromancy.   The madness didn't abate after his resurrection and after around twenty years the humanoids rebelled, retreating back into their tunnels and using a forbidden magic to alter the continents climate permanently into a frigid hellscape. the largest tunnel was almost large enough for Hekalatus to give chase so it was brought down around the dracolich, trapping him forever.

Historical Basis

To the Old Tsae this is a factual account of the events. To the few maddened Hvaarti to have seen the ruins towards the center of the continent it is seen as a mass hallucination by their peers.


The story spreads as a rumor from the few Hvaarti to have wandered far into the wastes of the Northern Continent. Strange cyclopean ruins of black marble impart terrific visions of an age long forgotten by those on the surface currently. The Old Tsae remember the story quite well as it is in fact their history.

Variations & Mutation

Due to the nature of the myths transmission amongst humans many smaller details are overlooked, like the race the dragon oppressed, how the rituals were carried out, and where exactly the tunnels were.

Cultural Reception

The Old Tsae regard it as a black stain on their culture that they were oppressed by a "lesser being" and thus restrict its knowledge. The Hvaarti see the bearers of the knowledge as afflicted, and they are routinely rounded up for their own good.

In Literature

A single account from a Suderlander expedition to the ancient ruins exists, detailing the experiences of someone who saw the visions. The account remained in private hands for fear that the Order of the Void Flames would purge it and any who knew of its existence.

In Art

Occasionally, Hvaarti will produce maddened works of the events of the myth, they are usually suppressed in fear that the affliction could be spread.

Date of First Recording
Date of Setting
~10000 years ago

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