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Hau is a world of mystery and adventure, danger and betrayal, and floating fortress'. The world is still young; marvellous inventions are being produced my great mechanics. Sky cities float high above the earths crust, whilst huge cities move along the ground propelled by great steam engines as tall as a city block. In the air, vessels move from one city to the next, trading goods.   Now is the age of death and loss, now is the age of the steam and blood.   If you cant tell this is inspired heavily by the Mortal Engine series of books by Phillip Reeve. It is not my intention to steal any of his work, hence why this is set on a different world with different places and names. However the premise of traction cities and air-havens exists. This may turn into a campaign for D&D5E later on down the line.   Also most of the art is off the internet and most is concept art from mortal engines.