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Hatryus Mortus

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This planet and its colonies where made when I was 7 and I thought up everything to do with its conception back then. This includes names, places, plants and peoples. So it does kind of sound childish but I am willing to expand on it.  

Star System and neighbours

Hatryus Mortus is one of 18 planets surrounding an orange star twice the mass of Earth located 1.2 billion light years away from Earth. The host star was dubbed Ma'at after the Goddess of order and justice who was his favourite nanny and teacher. 6 terraformed planets lie in its habitable zone but a seventh has been terraformed personally by the god Takhet in order to be used as a prison. out side of this habitable zone 7 other gaseous planets can be found. All bigger than those found in the habitable zone. All having moons which could in theory be terraformed for future expansion. The is why Takhet chose this star system. He wanted to give them more chances than mortals on earth ever had.
planet with moons

The Planet and its Moons

The god Hakhet landed on the 4th planet of the Ma'at system and first planet in the habitable zone and named it Hatryus after an nymph teacher who once taught him the importance of an ecosystem. He used his godly magic to rain comets from nearby scanning each one for microbial life and used them to essentially make this once desolate planet one of water. He let the water erode and change the landscape creating sand and dunes and a warm tropical environment rich in rain and storms. He then used satellites made from special materials to protect said world from radiation. And used his godly powers and some unspecified genetic material to spawn live over many millennia. And then called it Hatryus Mortus pointing to the fact that mortals now live on the planet. Hatryus Mortus as it is now is a planet that is 3 times a massive as the earth with a big ocean, 5 continents and one big city. It takes 600 days to go around its sun and has 7 days a week and 26 hours a day. Curiously it never had autumn nor winter seasons. Instead it had normal warm weather and stormy seasons. Till that is they where artificially introduced by Takhet. What is also artificially introduced is an south pole and an working magnetic field. This is done by the oceans with the help of some advanced technology the god added to the core and outside of the atmosphere. It is orbited by 3 moons:  


Named after an elven huntress from Alfheim because its red glow reminded him of her thick red hair. This moon is about half the size of Hella and is filled with copper proving it to be harder to terraform but worth the effort. Thor was noted to be angry that it wasn't named after him also being ginger and much closer to Takhet.  


Named after Loki's daughter and a former crush of Takhet. It is a moon about the size of our moon that always had an hazy atmosphere for no discernable reason and on further observation had no signs of alien life. This moon was quickly terraformed and colonized. The fog dissipated after a few decades after which it was found that it was already a colony of some sort of lost alien civilisation. It is now heavily investigated by the Fiera space-archaeologists.  


A croissant shaped planetoid the size of the United States rich in metals like gold and platinum which was colonized in the early days of space exploration for said metals but is now used as an observatory and popular getaway colony known for its arcades, gaming industry and gambling halls set up by foreign cat god. It is named specifically after the celtic goddess Morrigan but it is said that each point of the planetoid represents one of the morrigan triad. Badb, Macha and Anand.  


On the west there is the continent of Thurna which stretches toward the other end of the clobe. Next to it is the island continent of Tuava and next to that is the continent of Arn which also stretches toward the other end of the globe and on that side between Arn and Thurna lies Gab another island continent with a huge mangrove area. The artificial South pole mean to keep the planet at the right temperatures is ruled by Kiyomitsu former human turned Yuki Onna turned god. No one is allowed to set foot on it. her temple is located on an island near the coast.   Other big features are:
  • The continent sized Citadel of Fier which harbour 87% of all Fiera currently living on the planet.
  • The cities of the seven shields, which are domed cities built on tall machines which are build to with work each other as a storm barrier to stop flooding in the citadel
  • The HUGE almost subcontinent long Harbour of Queen Alua formerly Captain Alua.
  • Spaceport City which is an underwater country sized city specifically build to launch spaceships to and from the planet.
  • On the island of Tuava you can find the gate of worlds an interdimensional gate that is used for tourism and trade to and from other realities and realms.
  • Iggdrasil tower and tourist city build in the old Fier architecture that caters to the tourists
  • Hekhet is the former world capital and once biggest city on the planet. Now that it lies ruins its metal resources are recycled in to spaceships and use to repair the citadel if needed. All you find there is tourists and archaeologists for most of the year though

The Ocean and Fresh Water Sources

The ocean covers 70% of the planet not counting the underground ocean recently found by scientists. The map showing in the cover isn't accurate for rivers but just on the western side of the continent of An is covered with fresh water rivers, lakes and waterfalls all hidden by the planet's massive jungles and forests.  

Introduced Life

Life was introduced to the planet in 4 stages
  • Evolving from certain chemicals processes introduced by the god Takhet and evolved on their own terms. That is till said god wanted mammals and sentient species.
  • Elementals from the planet earth who basically did as their name implies. They gladly set up shop and improved the ecosystem. This includes, nymphs, faeries, mermaids, imps other such species
  • Specific species of plants and animal introduced from earth in small intervals to enhance the biodiversity.
  • When a native sapient species arose and gained enough technological advancements the god opened up the flood gates to more magical species from earth people of Mer and the Elves, yokai, and other such creatures.

Flora and Fauna

Species of plants and trees followed much the evolutionary path as on earth. But allot of native plants are more specialized and occasionally deadly like Toegan or Awfeg. Similar things can be said about the contrast between native species and introduced species. Introduced species are slow to evolve and differ from its original form and even then species like the fish seem to be just bigger or slightly different from its original form. But meanwhile you have the Gowoppa, a 30 meter tall sea dragon-type creature who seems to evolve and adapt constantly in the competitive ecosystem.  

Outside mysteries

  • A mysterious species the Fier have dubbed Space Mermaids have been a mystery ever since they have been discovered with early space technology and travel. They seem to avoid the Fiera very much in the same way normal mermaids to humans on earth. Actual mermaid know just about as much as them.
  • Occasionally space scrap is picked up by space ship and colonies with clear signs of being of technological origins but even Takhet doesn't know what to think of them

Links to other worlds

When the Fiera finally reached their terraforming culture Takhet revealed his gate of worlds. Basically a stargate to other dimensions where beings from other universes, realms and planets can come and go as simply as walking around the corner. This opened up a huge new chapter of exploration of the species. But also brought new problems.

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