Seasonal Batteroak Victim's Collusion

The Seasonal Batteroak Victim's Collusion (more commonly known as the Batteroak Collusion) is an activist society engaged in finding solutions and raising attention and funds to improve road safety and accessibility.
It has become one of the most recognisable non-government organisations in regards to public safety, though the public eye is often sceptical towards its initiatives.

Public Agenda

The Collusion is constantly pushing for wider and more streamlined roads, as well as directing more focused efforts on specific communities that have recently experienced casualties which may be attributed to insufficient transport infrastructure.
Although many of the reforms brought around by the organisation have had a lasting positive impact on Penchester, there is no small number of citizens who believe them to be approaching various problems from a far too narrow perspective, adressing road infrastructure instead of, for example, reducing non-essential traffic in the city or finding more localised solutions.
There is also critisism to the organisation's approach to historical roads, where renovation could cause loss of cultural heritage.
The Crown supports the Collusion's enthusiasm and sincerity on the subject and welcomes the valuable efforts the organisation has taken.
This, however, does not give them any advantage since only the Crown has influence concerning legislation and public infrastructure.
The Crown will extract information from various other sources before taking action on the Collusion's initiative.


Apart from its headquarters on the ground floor of Batteroak Garden Circus No1, which was gifted to the organisation by the landlord in 50 EE, the Collusion has very little in the form of assets, instead relying on other organisations that support their cause to provide material and immaterial support.


Before the Collusion was founded, the renovation of buildings and streets around Batteroak Garden Circus gradually tunneled more and more wind into the Circus.
This would not be considered a problem were it not for the dense collection of oaks in the centre of the circus.
When the season demanded the leaves of the oaks should die, the gusts of wind would tear the yellowing leaves from the branches prematurely and dash them against the doors, windows and alleys adjoining the circus.
These fairly fresh leaves required significantly longer to decompose then the more common level of maturity, leading to great mounds of leaves getting trapped in nooks and crannies.
This, together with the constant battery of leaves, posed a significant hazard to the local populace by preventing passage through they alleys and decreasing visibility, as well as causing general unpleasantness and minor damages on a regular basis.

On the fourth of Caelum in 49 EE a fire in the residences of Moorlilly Yard caused structural failure and claimed the lives of thirteen individuals including a family with four children.
Rescue services, although dispached within moments of the fire being reported, were delayed by the foliage filling the alleys and could not arrive at the scene on time.
A young mother named Floremy Twick, who had lost a dear friend in the fire, called for something to be done about this injustice and various charitable and local organisations, including the renown Bradoc Comnaidele, offered representatives to find a solution to this problem as well as garner public attention.
As the movement grew it began to support other communities struggling with issues of road safety and accessibility, continuing this practice even after the introduction of wind-dampening infrastructure and city-wide street clearance services by the Cosmopolitan Nuisance and Sanitery Detachment in 50 EE.

Liberate Vias
Free the streets

Founding Date
8th of Caelum 49 EE
Alternative Names
Batteroak Victims; Cranky Motorist's Club
Honourable Victim
Related Ethnicities

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