Chamber of Rebirth

The Chamber of Rebirth, as it has come to be known, was originally part of the dungeons in the Palace Halls.
Upon King Edward's ascension to the throne, he had the barred windows filled with explosives and detonated it himself, symbolising the abolishment of torture and the freeing of the people.
The centuries of dried blood and other bodily fluids that had settled between the cracks were highly nutritious and lead to the chamber quickly becoming overgrown with the most diverse set of blooms and mosses.

Purpose / Function

In the past, the chamber was used to torture criminals, either to extract information, as a punishment or as a sport.
Since its partial demolition it has become a popular place for youths to climb up to and has received a reputation as a 'love-den', although it is visited regularly by staff of the castle during the day.


Built in a simplified Regal style, it contains many large, flat wall segments, inlets for statues and chiseled, round arches and vaults.
The windows are particularly small, only around sixty-four Ryenuts (~40.96cm) wide and long hundred and eight Ryenuts (~81.92cm) high.


Built as part of the Regal extensions to the palace around three centuries ago, it was left largely unchanged until its partial demolition.
0 in the Age of the Empire
Room, Chamber, Torture
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