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Tale of Being

The Tale of Being is a poem said to have existed since before the settling of Harmony's Landing. It tells of the existence of the universal forces of Harmony and Misery, their avatars, and alludes to the beings considered to be gods by the Church of Harmony, though none are mentioned by name. Among them are descriptions fitting some of the gods within the Chained Pantheon, hinting at the fact that the dwarven gods were also part of the harmonic pantheon in ancient times, or that they were always destined to be merged in as they are today.

Tale of Being

Where heart of universe sits with life flowing from it,
there it is: Harmony.
Creation spawned forth by materia supreme, life,
love. Existence.

Beyond what is to be ours lie that which will destroy
all of us: Misery.
Destruction from chaos, harm transcending evil.
No more. Ending.

One being shall come before the two forces,
an aspect of one.
Another being shall come before the two forces,
an aspect of the other.

And the two shall destroy each other over and over,
struggle never ending.
And the two shall devastate all that is for all time,
lest the universe shall end.

At dawn comes child of first spring in silence,
from branch to life.

At day comes Her brother, child of summer,
granting sunlight.

At twilight appears the scarred mistress of autumn,
guiding the moons.

At silent nights sounds the shackles of winter,
youngest son.

And so opens the healing earth and endless skies.
And so comes forth a Queen of all seas.
And then there is law.
Before finally: Nothing.

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