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Dragons are fiercely intelligent and magical creatures, and one of few non-divine sources of magic found on Earth. One of the first species to inhabit the planet (according to Children of the First Flame they even created it), dragons hold the oldest traceable lineages going all the way back to the primordial dragons Mitra and Khorokh Krai.

Though dragons have spawned many subraces over the span of the history of the world, very few true dragons still exists, or at least make their existence known to the world. As such, many believe true dragons are extinct.



True dragons come in many variants, usually having a color, type of metal, or type of gemstone associated with their type. They usually resemble big reptilian creatures (though they are not actual reptiles) with four legs with claws, a long spiked tail, scales covering their bodies, two wings, sharp fangs, and a set of lungs that can produce an elemental force that can be propelled from their mouth or nostrils. There are exceptions to pretty much each and every one of these descriptions, and almost every kind of dragon learns the ability to shapechange before reaching adulthood.

Most types of true dragons never stop growing (unless they want to), though they grow slower the older they are. Starting out no larger than a pint cup when hatching, the oldest dragons can become the size of mountains.


Dragons are omnivorous by nature, and thanks to their elemental magical abilities, they can become truly omnivorous, eating (and properly digesting) rocks, trees, metals, magical items, drinking seawater, and so on. Some pick a certain diet and stick with it for hundreds of years, while some have great variation in what they eat.

While young dragons need about half their weight in food every day, older dragons can sustain themselves on their innate magic alone, going years without truly having to eat.


Varying greatly between the different types of dragons, and also between individuals of the same type, there are still certain tendencies when it comes to a dragon's social life. They take care of their young, either alone or with a mate, but other than that dragons don't usually keep each other company. Living alone or in disguise among other races, dragons do not truly have a society of their own.

From the perspective of most other civilized races, dragons are often thought of as either myths or long gone monsters. There are horror stories in every nation about how the dragons of old burned entire cities to the ground and ate people as their main source of food. While there is some truth to this, most of the remaining true dragons of today are peaceful.

Known Dragons:

An amethyst dragon previously used as a mining crane by the Drenovi of the Cravv underdark. Having a lot of his organs removed to be replaced with a Swarm Core, he was incapable of moving by his own will until the unfortunately named Shitstains party learnt that he could regain his movability by heating the core. Using his fire breath he exhaled flames and immediately inhaled them again, heating the core enough to move for an hour or so at a time. After brutally murdering his captors, he left the underdark to live life in peace along with his half-dragon son, Tibirtigamak, and his kobold underlings.

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A bronze dragon, the leader of Our Church Below the Sea, Zal is one of the mightiest dragons currently roaming the Earth. He is the champion of the Queen of All Seas and takes his responsibilities as a priest in a relaxed, but serious manner.

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