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Claudius I

Archon Claudius I (Month of Myrmylne 284 PE – Harvestfall 26 GE) was a human cleric of Myrmylne, the first Archon of the Archonate, and the founder of the Gardemoor Empire, which he ruled until his death at age 75.

Claudius was born in Harmony's Landing in what is known today as the Landing district in the Month of Myrmylne 284 PE. His mother, who was widowed a few months prior, died in childbirth, and Claudius was raised in a chapel to Myrmylne. During his teenage years he decided he wanted to become a priest and would receive training by the priests who raised him. During his tutelage he started taking an extra interest in helping his local community, and arranged several charity events and projects for volunteers to benefit those in need. In all his attempts to procure funds for his many charities, he discovered his charismatic abilities and knack for politics, leading to him becoming more and more involved in the ruling of the community.

In his early adult years, Claudius became the youngest priest in the chapel. Continuously achieving more respect in the community, his influence grew to new heights. By his early thirties he was elected lord mayor of the district.

In the year 320 PE, Claudius influence led to him becoming the ruler of the entire island of Harmony's Landing. True to his charitable self, he used his newfound political powers to improve infrastructure, establish guilds, and amend the settlement's relations with the Gardemoor outposts, who would vow their loyalties to him. He also created the role of magister, a title given to learned scholars, mages, and important members of the clergy who helped him govern. In 329 PE, by supposed divine decree, Claudius was given the title of Archon. Four years later Harmony's Landing was renamed to the Archonate by popular vote among the magisters.

The year after the renaming of the city, Archon Claudius declared the Archonate’s lands and outposts to be the Gardemoor Empire, and only the original island of Harmony’s Landing would be known by the Archonate name.


Throughout his life he maintained a stoic expression on his face, which often led people to believe him being a very serious and angry character. He was, however, a mostly joyous fellow who often went out of his way to bring laughter and happiness to those around him.

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