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Cadish Holy Water

On Cadenar, fire is a sacred thing. The Children of the First Flame preach that it was the primordial dragon Khorokh Krai's first breath of fire encased in Mitra's shell of rock that gave life to planet Earth. So how would it then be possible for water, a substance known as the primary extinguisher of fire, to be holy? Why associate worship with that which could have prevented the creation of life?

These were the questions keeping the clergy of flame up at night, after having been introduced to the concept of holy water and its effects by humans immigrating to Cadenar in the early GE era. The humans, formerly residents of the Gardemoor Empire, showed the benefits and powers of the blessed water used in rituals both arcane and mundane within the Church of Harmony. Not only did it protect from the evils of the natural realm, but also those beyond mortal comprehension. It also alleviated curses, and prevented the rise of undead, a rising threat in what is today known as Marûagir. So how could the children of fire create such a useful substance without committing as blasphemous of an act as sanctifying water? Well, the answer turned out to be quite obvious: Turn it into alcohol.

Cadish holy water is a highly alcoholic spirit, the stronger, the holier. It is applicable in the same ways as holy water is used in other religions, but it also has cultural and spiritual significance to the Children of the First Flame. They use the substance generously when performing rituals and traditions regarding coming-of-age ceremonies, weddings, and funerals. During these sacred rites, Cadish holy water is also known to be consumed in large quantities.

The largest manufacturer of Cadish holy water is the Marûagir Monastery, located on the eastern outskirts of the eponymous city. The monks bless every ingredient except the water before the brewing starts, and continues to do so every day until it is finished. The completed substance is then blessed as a single item, and its holiness is tested by burning no less than a liter of it.
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Cadish holy water. Blessed by an amethyst dragonborn, a small part of the essence of the priest's powers remains within the substance.

Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink

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