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The antheliaver is a mythic creature said to be the unholy fusion of a Reaver and an anthelian colossus. Merged together at the hip of a dwarf and the neck of an anthelian in a centaur-like fashion, the reavers consider the creature to be non-existent, and any mention of it is an offense to them as a whole, as they spend their lives fighting off these creatures for the safety of all of civilization on Gardemoor.

Though unlikely to have happened, anthelian creatures are known to merge with organic matter in their surroundings when they are close to death, and evolutionary defense mechanism that stems from their natural metamorphosis abilities, with a goal of merging with something that may give them enough energy to keep on moving. A skilled veteran reaver would struggle to take down a war colossus on their own, but at the cost of their own life they may be able to mortally wound it. In a situation where a colossus and a reaver have mortally wounded one another, it is not entirely unheard of that the colossus may have tried to merge with the reaver to regain its strength, potentially making an antheliaver in the process.

There supposedly is an antheliaver roaming inside the tunnel walls of the Cravv underdark. Though not seen in its entirety, Theodore Justice noted having heard the maddened voice of an individual speaking in dwarvish, followed by the skittering sounds of what could only be the legs of an anthelian. Scab Grimsaw also heard a dwarvish voice within the same tunnel, and caught a glimpse of a giant lobster-like claw in a hole in the wall.
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