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Planet Enis


Our future could change if we abandon this path of greed, destruction, and hate. Our planet can be at peace if we make the right decisions.
— Miles The Pacifist. Enis' last martyr

by Jeff Kingma
Enis' past is a long and bleak cycle of war, technological development, and brief periods of peace, and then it starts all over again.

The main factor that helped develop the collective knowledge of the planet and grow the population through millennia was the endless desire to conquer more land, accumulate more wealth, and hoard more power.

Whenever someone in their history dared to stand up against the warlords and end the wars that consumed people and resources like wildfire, they vanished from the public eye. Often, they were murdered, imprisoned, or otherwise silenced.

After a while, people settled to their fate. They lost all hope that change was possible and more or less caved to the will of the warlords of their region and did whatever they needed to survive. Getting by any means necessary became the priority.

The disruption

The bright lights in the sky had broken our balance.
— A warlord after The Anomaly appeared.

One day, everything changed for the worse when The Anomaly appeared over Enis' sky. While it wasn't close enough to be visible for all the people on the planet, the space station in orbit and telescopes on land detected it. The discovery shook everyone around the world.

The warlords raced to be the first ones to conquer the phenomenon. The agreement was that the first to cross it would benefit from whatever was on the other side. Scientists all over the world were hired, whether they wanted or not, to work on solving the mysteries of The Anomaly.
The Anomaly

Meanwhile, the different social classes and subgroups of the population reacted to the news in different ways. Many were afraid and worried about how it would affect their assets, others were indifferent and believed it didn't matter to them, but a few saw it as an opportunity for change.

An organization whose leader receives the title of Chaos expanded and gained adepts with a single goal: destroy the system once and for all.


Whatever is on the other side belongs to us.
— The warlord who managed to send a spaceship first through The Anomaly

by Tom Roberts
Most of the population on Enis don't have positive feelings for their future. At most, they wait for the less amount of troubles, and pain. The warlords in power that got one spaceship full of bloodthirsty soldiers through The Anomaly expect to benefit from a newly conquered land. The ones who lost the race are already plotting to steal it.

The agents of Chaos are clinging to the hope of destroying the system, and the question of what would come after all the structures that oppressed Enis for millennia become ashes. For them, the future is change no matter the cost.
by Julian Ralid
Information retrieval procedure
Technology / Science | Jul 11, 2021

A new treatment to give soldiers a happy ending and their secrets to the government

Rank/Title | Jul 24, 2021

A title for the most reckless persons

Noah Silver
Character | Jul 24, 2021

A new man

Dylan Omen
Character | Jul 24, 2021

Nothing else matters to him

Pure loyalty
Military Formation | Sep 7, 2023

Total obedience

Orbiting Prison
Building / Landmark | Jul 25, 2021


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