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Dylan Omen

Who he was

None of this matters.
— Dylan Omen

by Artbreeder- Melu
When he was young, Dylan had everything he needed. A very fancy roof over his head. All the food he wanted, every luxury item a kid could've asked for in a planet where the ones in power accumulated wealth and resources and the poor barely managed to survive. He was on the good side. His family was wealthy and took good care of him.

He was a smart boy, got excellent grades at school, but he didn't have any friends. His teachers praised him often for his intelligence. His parents encouraged him to socialize more with his peers, sending him to play games or sports with kids they deemed suitable for their class and position.

Dylan didn't care about grades, his parents or any other person. He was bored all the time. Dylan obeyed his parents because he didn't want to spend energy arguing with them. But he did know his life was empty, a shell that he wanted to destroy.

Look at the sky

Finally, I can have some fun!
— Dylan Omen

When he was an adult working in the family's business, something happened to him and the entire planet: "The Anomaly", a phenomenon similar to a black hole, appeared close to Enis. The government and the elites went crazy with greed at the possibility to exploit this new development in the sky. The rest of the civilization braced for the worse.

Among the disruption generated by "The Anomaly", new groups of rebels expanded like a weed and were hunted down by the military, always ready to maintain the status quo. One of these groups survived and spread: they called themselves Agents of Chaos. They proclaimed their goal was to destroy the system and nothing more. They didn't make any promises of equality or progress. Agents of Chaos wanted to see Enis burn to the ground and bet if something new would come up of the ashes, though they didn't want any part of building it.

Dylan found what he was waiting for. He destroyed his ties with his family and anyone who ever met him and joined the Agents of Chaos. He demonstrated his intelligence and courage in many actions. if it was risky, for him it was just a way to have more fun.

The years he was forced to put on a mask for the sake's of his parents taught him to deal with people, and that was a valuable asset for the organization. He got more followers. One of them was Noah Silver a man that quickly became very close to him. Dylan felt something akin to affection for the first time in his life. Noah was also a brilliant comrade, always ready to get his nad dirty to dismantle the system and, of course, have fun with Dylan.

When their current Chaos terminated with her life before the Pure loyalty caught her, the group choose Noah as the new Chaos. Dylan was torn between pride and fear because anyone with that title was destined to die or worse.

Noah didn't die. He betrayed Dylan and everyone when the army caught him and convinced him to become a hero and pardon all his crimes. Noah didn't think twice and gave up all the information he had. Many died because of him, but the survivors named Dylan the new Chaos.

What is the Future?

Every party must end
— Dylan Omen

by Unsplash
After Noah's betrayal, Dylan reverted to his deep state of apathy and boredom. There is no action dangerous enough for him. His comrades are sure he wants to get caught because Noah is leading the unit hunting him down. They don't know what he is going to do if they face each other once again.
Currently Held Titles
Light blue
Skin Tone/Pigmentation

Character Portrait image: by Hero Forge


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