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Hammer Fall

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A diverse and rich realm Filled with Many people places and events. a bards paradise one might say based on the stories that can be told. the realm has been settled for eons but yet to be tamed. Nature fights back against thought who wish to tame it. the land is riddled with marks where nature has won. cities have also found footholds in the many different landscapes most finding refuge in the natural defenses of the land. protecting themselves from the many beasts who roam the lands.   times of past where man has nearly defeated nature but in that time they also were there own undoing. Sence that time Kingdoms and empires have risen and fallen. each attempting to meet the needs of there people and fighting for there own survival.   In the present time, the realm is in one of its unstable peaceful time between man and nature, it has ever seen. the beasts Mysteriously sized their assaults and to many disappeared.

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