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Chief Nob of Waaagh! Skullkrusha

Gorgutz is the chief lieutenant of Warlord Skullkrusha, and his current heir and successor. Once an Ork Nob, Gorgutz was a skilled Kommando leader, and was a vicious and brutal fighter. He was the cause of the flooding of the Hives on Chormi, and as a result, was not present on Sandfall when Skullkrusha was killed. After rounding up what he could of the fleeing forces of Waaagh! Skullkrusha, Gorgutz now leads them in small but savage skirmishes across the Halicon Salient.

Honorary & Occupational Titles
Nob, Skullkrusha's Heir
Aligned Organization
Waaagh! Skullkrusha

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