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Prison Mining Colony

Garant,or Satellite Echo-31, is an asteroid caught in an orbital loop inside the Halicon Salient. The asteroid, roughly three-quarters the size of Luna, has been repurposed into a mining-cum-penal colony. Lately, in addition to the exports of refined ore and minerals the miners extract from the crust of their rocky home, Garant has been shipping off ex-workers too, many of whom were distantly descended from the original work crews and have not been convicted of any charges, save those of their ancestors.   Many of these ex-workers are shipped off as regiments of the Garantine Voidborn, a regiment known as much for their abnormal strength as their pallid skin. However, not all those on Garant are such fervent warriors of the Imperial Creed. After passing by one of the outer edges of it's orbit, a Genestealer brood has quickly established itself in the abandoned warrens of the mining colony. Furthermore, careful sedition and decades long propaganda wars have been conducted by members of The Black-Clad. Indeed, some cultists too fervent and volatile for their own good - and the good of the Black-Clad's clandestine operations - have been smuggled off world already, and now serve as mortal instruments of the warband directly.

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