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The homeworld of House Smith

Ferron is the homeworld of Knight House Smith. Settled during the Dark Age of Technology, Ferron is a world of fields, separated by craggy mountains rich in ores, and by fertile shallow seas. These ore-rich mineral deposits and bountiful harvests also qualify Ferron as an agri-world, but the valiant and noble Knights are known with far more repute across the Salient.   For most of recorded history, the people of Ferron banded into Noble Clans, rallying around the Knight Titans they had. It is not clear how the Knights came to be there, but it is suggested they were a defence measure for the vast biofuel crops and mining regions on the planet. These Knight Titans became the crowns for these small Clans, and those more powerful than others, by strategy, ability on the field, or by politicking, began to dominate others into Vassal Clans. Those Clans not fortunate enough to claim a Knight of their own were cowed into servitude, some willingly, others not so much. These groups became labourers, harvesting the plentiful fields and mining tons of ore for themselves, and the Noble Clans they served under.   Bitter and relentless fighting occurred for control of these resources – for fuels to keep the Knights running, and ore to be smelted, and used to repair the Knight. Those gifted with the knowledge to repair and maintain the Knights, the Sacristans, took little interest in the politics of the Knights, and sold their services to them in exchange for materials, food, and human tribute – for training the next Sacristans. They held only one rule – that only one Knight Titan should belong to a family. Otherwise, the tech-adepts would refuse to repair and maintain the excess steeds. This was adopted unanimously, with excess Knights captured in battle donated to their Vassal Clans, and even to exceptionally performing serfs.   Across the rocky crags between the fields, the Clans led vast armies, supported by their Vassal Clans against their neighbours. Hundreds of armsmen, toting flintlock rifles and shields adorned with their Clan’s sigil, clashed under the footsteps of their lords. Knight clashed against Knight admist the seas of their serfs. Defeat was never an option for these Knights – if they were defeated, their Clan’s power would be permanently shattered with the loss of their Titan, and they would be forgotten. Thus, many Knights took to commanding from afar, only stepping in and levelling their titanic weapons when they were sure of victory. And so wars were wages for time immemorial, with Vassal Clans rising up to fill the places of their defeated lords, and duels between lords for power and influence were commonplace.


Nutrient rich seas   Fertile fields   Craggy rock formations, long chains of rocky hills and peaks   Ore-rich crust

Natural Resources

Biofuels formed from crops   Algae from the seas   Ferronite in the mountains
Included Organizations

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