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The Eclipse

The Conflict


Some time ago, (Human)Noids spread far and wide, across many lands and cultures. The Gold and Silver rivers nourished them and the mountain housed them in Winter. The cycles of life played out vibrantly in this river island and the Thropes thrived, especially.   It was all the Noids who had the same dream. In it, they saw a city split by two mighty rivers... where a King protected the North River and a Great Cedar tree protected the Southern river. And in between these two rivers, would be born a city of such magnificent radiance, that all their worldly dreams in the realms of wealth, peace, spirituality and purpose would be fulfilled.   A great migration happened and the Thropes were blown like pollen into the wind.   Within a year, tens of thousands came! They came from all surrounding settlements and civilizations to taste the golden wine of their projected future! They had all dreamed the dream. They knew the way by the tug of their hearts and by the landscape signs of their dreaming minds and as they arrived and piled on to the island of Hafiz (then called Hoch el Aga), they found themselves in a cataclysm. Like a valley basin in a flood, the confluence was pure power, raw power. For maybe the first time, Noids of countless variant expressions were meeting on an open field of possibilities... no entrenched ethnicities ruled, nor was there any ruling ideology or religion. The natives of Hoch El Aga were the Thropes, who manifested in great physical and cultural variance.   Powerful rip tides of magic, domination and conquest drove the newcomers and the natives mad within their own belief systems, where the infinity of possibility was being first grasped and the world as they knew it was torn this way and that.   Few “facts” remain from that time as rulers of Hoch el Aga were overthrowing each other in quick succession. Noids took their turn ruling and invoking their own golden gods but no one public or group could hold on to power for long. No one people could fulfill the golden dream of Hafiz!   Powerbrokers became pawns, and little peace was felt for instability was the fabric of that time. Histories and records did not survive the maelstrom so we cannot be sure if all this even happened, let alone how it happens.   Powerful houses, and powerful peoples from all over Acirema left their mark on Hoch el Aga but every ruler erased the memory of yesterday. What everyone remembers though, through tales and oral lore, was the 25 years that Orcs controlled the city and made it their own personal latrine of horrific debauchery.   That time period is a tear in the collective minds of all the Noids who’s rule or citizenship blessed Hafiz. It’s when Hafiz itself was born… in the darkness of the Orc Rule... for a dream, especially one as epic as Hafiz, needs the dark kiln of evil madness to truly temper it's surging climax.   That time is referred to as the “Eclipse”. The Eclipse is rarely spoken of today. And if it is, it’s spoken of in whispers and drunken shouts. A dark tale indeed, with many horrors that reduced the population of Hafiz to an insanity of pure survival. It is a scar on the identities of all who love Hafiz.   A scar in your mind.   Pepper Tea   "The only hierarchy that exists is the hierarchy of Truth" -Divad Ironsmitt Sedroc


Sun Dynasty was the --Godlike-- savior of Hafiz (then called Hoch el Aga).   In their ships they came by the thousands and overthrew the Orcish occupation. They came from Epo Rue, 10 000 strong singing the hymns of the mighty 7. How they came to know of the sadistic occupation, the slavery, the hellish conditions... is unknown. They sailed up the river from Ceb E Uq, like they knew precisely where they were going and captured Hoch el Aga in mighty flourish.   And they systematically executed every orc and orcish sympathizer in the city.   Sun Dynasty liberated all the beings under the orcish whips and madness and renamed the city Hafiz.   During the 25 years of Orcish occupation, "Houses" formed like families, uniting the dwindling survivors in common purpose and threading a tapestry of resistance in an undercity tunnel network. The nightmarish conditions below ground were nothing compared to the Orc GodKing's use of Hoch El Aga above ground. All the major House leaders who led the failed underground rebellion at that time were appointed as subjects of the Sun Dynasty empire. Sun Throne became the throne on which the leader of Hafiz City would sit and that leader was to come from one of these great Houses.

Historical Significance


Official Houses ordained by the Sun Dynasty, that became the leading Noid “families” of Hafiz. House Xil Ourg House Nolat Neaj House Strigidae House Goldsmitt House Ironsmitt Flodur Dynasty [House Mard ](organization:f9f20b35-8b95-4469-98d0-0f564de89720) House Fenra House Lahw Ran
Start Date
Year 777 BE
Ending Date
Year 1 AE

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