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In Hafiz, the distinctions between beings of sentience are largely seen as surface traits rather than substantive differences in classification. Species and ethnicity are concepts in a classification system that many in Hafiz do not ascribe to. Traditionally, the (Human)Noid worldview has dictated that unless you belong to the traditional and recognized ethnicities within that classification, you were closer to monster than a Hafizi citizen-being of moral sentience. Ever since, Alloo Feute - Noid Manifesto an ongoing debate has been raging within The Mandir of Arak Nahs Ida, to what makes one qualify as a (Human)Noid. No hard-line conclusions were reached, however, within this debate and exploration of sentience, the term "Noid" was coined. To identify as or identify someone as a Noid is to recognize their sentience and that their sentience can be resonantly contexted in The Faith of the Seven's 7 Faced God's archetypes. They do not need to fit physical requirements like being a biped or have "humanlike" features of any kind.

Many scholars argue that this twist of perception regarding Hafizi identity has opened the door for greater Thrope integration into the fabric of Hafizi life. The Thrope Rebellions for example, might have been avoided if Thropes were recognized as equivalent Hafizi citizens even though they are not classically (Human)Noid. Furthermore, a recent influx of immigrants to Hafiz of varying Noid varieties speaks to the inclusive nature of the term and worldview.

With the popularity of Spore Liquor , Minnow Symbiosis, the bonding of Symbiotes and the discovery of cutting edge Star Coin Technology SCT, beings of all kinds are altering their physical and mental forms. As a result, the term Noid can inclusively refer to anyone in Hafiz better than (Human)Noid or Non (Human)Noid can.
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