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Hafiz City

Hafiz city is a colony of Epo Rue, which is governed by the Sun Throne . It is in a golden era of technological and spiritual development, coupled with a social and civic harmony that is unprecedented in the world of Hafiz. The city is religiously oriented towards the The Faith of the Seven and there is currently a magic ban (Nab Cig Am) that is enforced by the The Faith Militant.


Flodur I Census Report

  Aprox 300 000 - (Human)Noid

Between 100 000 - 250 000 non Noids.

Apostates/Non-Hafizi Citizens - under 50 000


Sun Throne

The Sun Throne is the highest and most comprehensive seat of power in Hafiz City and it is beholden to and in service of the Sun Dynasty empire in Epo Rue. The Hafiz City Government started on Year 1 after The Eclipse where a King/Queen from a House was named to sit on the Sun Throne.

Currently, the king of Hafiz is Flodur III  

Flodur III's Small Council

Master of Whispers

Master of War

Master of Discovery

Master of Law

Master of Coin

Master of Shipping

Hand of the King  

Arak Nahs Ida

  Arak Nahs Ida is colloquially referred to as The Academy. The Academy is the most renowned place of scholarship and is an educational complex that has 7 departments, 1 for every face of the Seven Faced God

Industry & Trade

The Old Port is controlled by a thieves guild or a crime syndicate, called The Cinder Biters... they control trade, mostly.


Hafiz City has an extensive undercity, advanced technologies for surviving the winter and Septs (Septs of Hafiz City).


Hafiz city is on an island between a norther river, called the Silver River and a southern river called the Gold River. There is a small mountain called Mont Sun, which is about in the middle of the island. The east part of the Island is marshy and treacherous. The West part of the island is forested and has a massive lake.
Alternative Name(s)
Formerly Hoch El Aga
Large city
300 000 humans and Non (Human)Noid and 500 000 Noids
Inhabitant Demonym
Location under
Owning Organization

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