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337 AE

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Hael'thar is a land of enlightenment in which rival nations struggle for supremacy be that through skill of arms or through production and exploration. Technology in this world is spearheaded by a resource named 'Zapp stone', a blue rock that gives off huge amounts of energy when burned, in turn this resource is horded by a faction named the guild, who control the flow of technology through the world, for now. The discovery of this resource has catapulted the world into an industrial age, leaving behind the small hamlets and villages and in their wake bustling cities rise.   However everything is not quite what it seems, rumors spread through the countryside of people going missing and strange animals spotted moving around. For the most part these rumors are dismissed and with each of the nations of the world gearing up for war, the small things go unnoticed.   The world is still large enough for a small group of adventurers to carve a name for themselves, exploration, combat and intrigue require able and quick minds. The world is an open sandbox, perfect for one shots or for longer campaigns.   All credit for the art goes to 'Mr Werewolf' check him out on Tumblr.